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Automobile Fleet Service

Automobile Fleet Service in Eugene, Oregon

Downtown Auto Center, services small to medium business fleets in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

What Is A Fleet You Ask?

Technically a fleet would be at least two vehicles, but we consider any vehicle that is a company vehicle to be a fleet vehicle. We will happily work with you to schedule routine auto maintenance for your company whether your fleet is comprised of one or many.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Planned Fleet Maintenance for Your Business Vehicles

  • Proactive maintenance of your fleet vehicle keeps you and your employees safe.
  • Scheduled maintenance prevents distractions and allows you to focus on your business.
  • Inoperable fleet vehicles result in lost time, clients and money.
  • Fleet maintenance provides budgetary savings by increasing the replacement life cycle of your vehicle.
  • Routine fleet maintenance programs are less expensive than repairs.
  • Coordinated maintenance schedules for multiple vehicles assure that you always have cars on the road.

Our Automobile Maintenance Services for our Fleet Customers

  • Ongoing fleet vehicle review and planning reports
  • Initial 60-point vehicle inspection
  • Annual 60-point vehicle review
  • Semi-annual 30-point inspection
  • Same-day turnaround for qualified services
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Maintenance reminders to keep your fleet on track
  • Tacking of vehicle maintenance
  • Online history access 24 hours a day

Just a Few of Our Fleet Service Clients: