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Auto Maintenance & Tune-Up Services

Auto Maintenance & Tune-Ups in Eugene, Oregon

Scheduled Tune Up’s and Maintenance

From your automobile’s very first maintenance service, to your 3000 mile interval services, and extended life maintenance intervals upwards of 200,000 miles, Downtown Auto can perform all necessary maintenance tune-ups to keep your vehicle running smoothly. To ensure your auto maintenance needs are met, Downtown Auto will send email reminders for all scheduled tune-ups, including oil changes. As a customer of Downtown Auto Center we will provide you 24 hour access to to setup maintenance reminders, check your maintenance history, and request appointments for tune-ups and auto repairs (email address required).

Your Automobile’s Maintenance Intervals

Every vehicle has different needs. In addition to performing general tune ups, Downtown Auto can assess the needs of your vehicles make and model by reviewing the manufacturers recommended maintenance intervals, including recalls and technical service bulletins.

Your Automobile’s Factory Recommended Maintenance

Factory Recommended Maintenance is any maintenance listed in your vehicle’s Owners Manual including timing belts, spark plugs, cabin air filter, engine air filter, differential fluids, drive belts, and so much more. Downtown Auto can perform any maintenance needs recommended by your automobile manufacturer. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and information necessary to address exactly what your vehicle requires.

Maintain Your Automobile’s Manufacturers Warranty

In addition to adhering to your manufacture recommended maintenance intervals, our team of technicians will help maintain and keep your factory warranty by using products and methods approved by your automobile manufacturer.

Complete Vehicle History Review

Maintaining thorough knowledge of your automobile’s history is a key aspect of understanding exactly what services you car needs. Downtown Auto can review the factory recommended maintenance intervals for your particular vehicle to be sure all necessary services have been maintained.

Additionally, a history and maintenance review is a fantastic service for pre-purchasing used automobiles. Whether its your vehicle or used vehicle you are preparing to purchase Downtown Auto will review all ogf your documentation on hand to assess any maintenance needs or repairs. As an added benefit, Downtown Auto provides all of its clients 24 hour access to, allowing you to review all records for service, repair and maintenance performed on your vehicle by Downtown Automotive Center (client email required).

Automobile Pre-Purchase Inspections

Are you considering buying a used automobile? Our auto technicians will happily provide pre-purchase inspections to insure that the car has been well maintained and is a safe and worthy investment before you lay down your hard earned dollars.

Pre-Trip Tune-Ups To Get You Where You Want To Go

Plan Ahead. You don’t want to have to rely on Triple-A (AAA), or our local roadside assistance services to retrieve you and your automobile from the side of the road. Before you take your automobile on any trip, especially those long ones to remote areas, be sure to have us inspect your vehicle for road safety and perform any necessary tune ups to keep you moving peacefully towards your destination. From anything as small as pumping your tires, changing your oil, or even replacing your brake pads or suspension, Downtown Auto will ensure your vehicle is ready to go.

Automotive Diagnostics

Wondering what those colored lights are on your vehicle’s dash? They are there for a reason and are speaking to you even if you don't understand what they mean. Come talk to the professionals at Downtown auto. Even if you aren’t noticing any obvious symptoms, failure to address your vehicles warning system can be far more expensive than a routine diagnosis of your vehicles needs. With our many state of the art tools and computers we can carry out various forms of diagnostic testing on your automobile. Whether it be checking the fault parameters saved in the on board diagnostic system or graphing the data being presented to the control module, we have you covered.

Most importantly, do not ignore the flashing 'check engine’ light on your dashboard. This means the vehicle is experiencing a critical power failure that must be addressed immediately. For your safety, in the event of a flashing check engine light, Downtown Auto recommends you pull your vehicle immediately to the side of the road and call for roadside assistance.

Auto Maintenance Symptoms to Look and Listen For

In addition to paying attention to your system's warning lights, you should always be aware of your vehicles performance. Look listen and feel. Is there a vibration in your steering wheel or gear shift, or a shimmy in your vehicle? Is your clutch tight or loose when you engage it? Do your brakes feel mushy or take longer to stop? Do you hear any squeaking, rubbing, or knocking sounds? Is your exhaust smoky or milky white? Are there any strange smells? Are there loose cables or hoses under the good or beneath your vehicle? These are all symptoms that something is not right with your vehicle. Failure to address them in a timely manner may not only be expensive, but be unsafe. Remember, you’re not only looking after yourself, your family, or your employees, but you're sharing the road with others. Through routine inspections and auto maintenance, Downtown Auto is driven to keep your vehicle in top top shape and the road safe for everyone.

Engine Tune-Up & Maintenance

Replacement of spark plugs, spark plug wire's, ignition cap, ignition rotor, pcv valves, air filter, cabin air filter misfire diagnosis, etc.

Oil Changes & Maintenance

Oil diagnostics and maintenance, oil changes and flushes, filter changes, oil and filter exchange.

Transmission Maintenance & Fluid Replacement

Transmission diagnostics and maintenance, fluid changes and fluid flushes, filter changes.

Belt & Hose Services & Maintenance

Drive belt diagnosis, drive belt replacement, drive belt maintenance, power steering belt maintenance, power steering belt replacement, alternator belt replacement. alternator belt maintenance.

Fuel Injection Services & Maintenance

Fuel injection maintenance, cleaning of fuel injectors, cleaning of throttle plate, replacement of fuel injectors.

Battery Services and Maintenance

Battery draw diagnostics, battery testing, battery maintenance, battery replacement, battery cleaning.